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The Lighted Lantern a life-size bronze sculpture of Pioneers by James Muir

The Allegorical Art of James Muir

Allegorical Art

Allegorical Art” is a term James Muir uses to describe his work, which is filled with symbology to help create a heightened social, political and spiritual awareness. “The allegorical symbolism in my sculptures bridges the centuries of history to make contemporary statements about the human condition, in order to exemplify the highest qualities of man. My work speaks of Duty, Honor, Courage, Liberty and Justice, but above all, it speaks of Truth and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit”.

Muir’s subjects matter ranges from historical subjects, to today’s contemporary issues. Whatever subject that is used, the golden thread that ties it all together is still a never-ending quest for the essence of life – for truth in its purest form.

Originally sculpted in clay, his sculptures are cast in bronze using the classical :Lost Wax” process. Mr. Muir is available for lectures and/or for workshops to teach the “Use of Symbolism” in Creating Allegorical Art.

I personally have worked with James and Linda Muir for over 25 years. What an enjoyalbe time it has been working with them both. whats the ole’ saying “Time flies when you are having fun” and it sure has been both fun and challenging as James is always working on something new with astounding allegories to match. I learned early on that there is only one James Muir!

Nomination Letter

Through the nature of my business, I have met and created websites for many artists throughout the years…I met James N. Muir 13 years ago when he was working on the commissioned 12 foot Maricopa County Sheriff’s Memorial “They Served Well” which now stands in downtown Phoenix. He had just completed the 12 foot Angel of Healing and Peace, “Caduceus” which is located at both Scottsdale Hospitals in Phoenix and Scottsdale. I ultimately was hired to set up his web site and have had the opportunity to learn first hand his tireless effort and integrity, and the degree to which he has striven to use his talent to create good art, address social issues, and uplift society in what he terms as Allegorical Art. I found it interesting the term he chose to use and grew to understand why, it certainly describes his work and the sincerity of this artist. In getting to know this man, his philosophy, his desire to inspire, along with his dedication, gave me a deeper appreciation for art, the messages they can convey, and the impact art does have on humanity around the world.

Muir has been a professional sculptor for almost 30 years and is collected both nationally and internationally. I would like to submit his work for your review and consideration for the Governor’s Art Award. I believe he and his work are deserving of this opportunity of recognition. Having created many lifesize and monumental sculptures for public installation throughout the country, his skills and quality of work will hopefully meet your expectation and necessary qualifications to be considered. You will find images of his sculptures by clicking on the menu to the left titled “Sculpture Images”, (in addition I will send separate attached image files via e-mail to that will give you some insight into the quality and depth of James Muir’s work, his chosen path in public art, and his philosophy regarding what he terms his “Allegorical Art”. James does believe artists can make a difference through their work and your Award can obviously bring attention to good art and the artists who dedicate their talent to create it.

James had a book released in 2004 “Lanterns Along The Path” that addresses the messages that art can bring to many. James was honored that this book was selected for the Pinnacle Achievement Book Award in the Inspirational Category and then chosen by Barnes & Noble to be offered nationally. A copy of “Lanterns Along The Path” will be delivered to your office at 417 West Roosevelt Street.

Examples of a few of his sculptures that demonstrate messages to society that you may relate to and reflect the desire for contribution to society are: “Caduceus“, “Children“, “The American Pieta“, “Duty“, “Sons of Liberty“, “Time“, “Walk With Me“, “Let Freedom Ring-Lil Liberty“, and “Thomas Jefferson“. These sculptures, in their individual ways, represent peace, healing, freedom, courage, love, and hope. For more information, you may visit James’ website: . James is a prominent sculptor whose work has always been about the triumph of the human spirit. His work ranges from historical to contemporary. After knowing James Muir for these years, I believe and have come to understand that all of his work created begins with the foundation and desire of good art to the best of his ability and that the allegories/messages contained will uplift society and contribute to humanity in a meaningful way.

Bill West
Sculpture Collector

There are some rare pieces of James Muir sculptural allegories available now here on Sculpture Collector. Here are some links.

Christ of the Holy Cross a bronze sculpture by James Muir

Christ of the Holy Cross by James Muir

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