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Seward Johnson, 'Dejeuner Déjà Vu', 1994

Grounds for Sculpture

November 21, 2019

Artists in Conversation: Sculptor Robert Murray with Author Jonathan D. Lippincott

Don’t miss this, in fact try not to miss anything when it comes to a wonderful time at Grounds for Sculpture whether its a great time at the piano bar or dinner or both at the Rat’s Restaurant. a wonderful experience for sure! Or maybe Van Gogh Café not to mention wonderful sculpture covering the enchanting grounds. This is the best time of year, don’t wait!!

Featured Photo – Seward Johnson, ‘Dejeuner Déjà Vu’, 1994
Courtesy of The Seward Johnson Atelier Inc. ©1994 The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. Photo by David W. Steele.

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