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Art Deco Glass floor standing sculpture by Frank Hill

Frank Hill a True Artisan

Frank Hill passed away at such a young age of 35. he was a most prolific artist, one can only imagine what he would have created in the years to come had he only been able. Oh, the inspiration and talent he possessed. So few will understnad and far fewer will ever experience the ownership of one of his creations. There just are not very many in existence.

Sculpture Completes Center, Honors Major Contributors

May 19, 1991 by Bob LaMENDOLA Staff Writer

FORT LAUDERDALE — How does one honor some 130 politicians and civic 13′ leaders who rounded up $52 million to build the Broward Center for the Performing Arts?

A cornerstone? A trophy?

The theater’s board chose a $23,000 abstract sculpture of carved and painted plate-glass sheets
standing 14 feet tall on a nine-foot-wide base covered with black marble.

“This is more befitting an arts center than a plaque, because ifs artistic. That’s why we’re here, art, theater spokeswoman Celeste Bennett said.

The arts center unveiled the piece in its lobby last week. It honors the six public and private money sources: Broward’s state legislators, county commissioners, School Board members, Fort Lauderdale commissioners, members of the Downtown Development c3′ Authority and the theater’s private fund­raising foundation.

The board wanted something unique, paying equal tribute to all six groups, Vice Chairman 13′ Alan Levy said. They ordered the marble base with six sides, each chiseled with the names of a group’s members dating back to 1981.

The artwork cost is far more than would a typical plaque, but Levy said he considers it a bargain.
“That’s the funny thing about it. Six plaques would have cost more than this,” Levy said.
The title, Tributary, symbolizes the contributions B’ of all six groups combining to make one large
achievement, said sculptor Frank Hill of Hollywood.
The sculpture 3 panes sweep, one like a bird’s wing, another like a seashell. One is brushed with blue and rasberry, another has a slice of copper.
What does it mean?
“There really isn’t meant to be any subject matter. I’ve heard about a half dozen interpretations of what people think it is, artist Hill said, including a ooman, bird and Florida’s coastline.

Frank Hill was a Hollywood, FL artist whose creations can be found in hotels, restaurants and galleries throughout South Florida. From 1985 to 1991, he was design director of Amcoa Glass in Miami, where he did glass designs. A table created by Mr. Hill won the 1991 Florida Style Competition, which was sponsored by the Florida Association of Furniture Manufacturers. Frank Hill passed away too soon at the young age of 35.

A bit more more about the life and death of Mr. Frank Hill who died on Tuesday at his home in Hollyv.ood. He was 35.
A service will be held today at noon at Levitt-Weinstein Beth David Memorial Gardens Chapel, 3201 N. 72nd Ave., Hollyv.ood.
When Tributary was unveiled in 1991, Mr. Hill said interpretations of the sculpture varied. Some saw a bird, a woman, even Florida’s coastline.
What was its meaning?
“There really isn’t meant to be any subject matter. I’ve heard about a half dozen interpretations of \hat people think it is,” Mr. Hill told the Sun-Sentinel at the time.
Mr. Hill grew up in South Florida and graduated from Nova High School.
Through the years, his life was dedicated to art – as painter, sculptor and designer, friends said.
That’s what he was born for,” companion Wayne Gilbert said. “All he did day and night was art.”

Simply said, I wanted people to know more about one very talented artist. Here is a link below to one of the few pieces ever offered by this talented and often forgotten sculpture/artist.

3 thoughts on “Frank Hill a True Artisan”

  1. Debra Hampton

    I have 3 pictures Sketchers that he did one of Elizabeth Taylor Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross
    Could you tell me what they might be worth

    1. I’m sorry Debra, but we are not appraisers. We can assist in selling the sketches on our sister site
      Thank you for your inquiry,
      Bill West

    2. Debra I have a pastel picture large signed Frank Hill, it is an image of John Lennon. Is yours very large pieces and hand drawn with pastels/charcol?

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