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Art Deco Inspired Glass aka – The Moon Sailor • Frank Hill

Original price was: $3,900.00.Current price is: $2,900.00.

Frank Hill Art Deco – An extremely rare floor standing Frank Hill Art Deco Inspired Glass Sculpture/Art

Sculpture ID: 9253



The glass panel dimensions  W 32”x H 75” x Thickness ¾”.

The wooden black pedestal dimensions  W 12” x L 34 ½” x 6”.

The wooden black overhead support dimensions W 12” x L 34 ½” x 6”.

The Moon Sailor by Frank Hill

Add this Frank Hill Art Deco-inspired standing Glass Sculpture/Art The Moon Sailor to most any environment and it will enrich the experiential vibration or the moment immensely! This piece is for the chosen few who really understand what the addition of this piece can bring to life’s experience.

This photo is shown how the piece was installed by the artist Frank Hill circa 1990.

Frank Hill Glas Art The Moon Sailor install

The glass panel stands supported by a black wood pedestal with slot attached to the floor and for a black wood overhead support with slot and two openings for lighting that was attached to the ceiling. The apartment was renovated and the piece dismounted in its 3 components.

The second photo is shown the pedestal and overhead support.

Frank Hill Glas Art The Moon Sailor install

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