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Jack Knife a bronze sculpture monument by Ed Mell Scottsdale Arizona

Sculpture Comprises both
Life and Time

Life today and yesterday share many things in common. One of these things is sculpture. Sculpture has stood the test of time throughout history. Sculpture has a very effective way of recording history through its beauty, design, and message. Many sculpture monuments are referred to as statues, but the vast majority of them are sculptures. They tell many stories both good and bad about life, its happenings, and history. In many instances, these sculptural monuments speak in many tongues, as the sculpture itself tells the whole story in many languages.

Time is a great barometer of life along with the exceptional creations of many sculptor-artists over the centuries. Time and Sculpture go together like brother and sister. The old definitive saying or question about time – Why do we have time? Simple so everything does not happen at once! Well, needless to say, sculpture or statues did not happen all at once either. Maybe I’m missing something here, but today it seems we have an overabundance of sculpture and an under abundance of people experiencing, but that is changing due to the growing availability and the approachable nature of sculpture today due to the availability throughout the world, especially the USA and Europe with Asia coming on strong in certain countries. Let’s not forget to mention the Internet as opposed to the past, why is that? Did the people of the past have more time to view and take sculpture more seriously? Today we have downtown areas, cities focused on sculpture and sculpture parks. Sure that surely helps us to get into the abundance category, yet I talk with people all the time who never really give sculpture it’s due so to speak, or for that matter even give it any thought in their screen-filled lives… yes, sculpture is on the screen as well, our company is along with various others right there on the screen!

Jack Knife a bronze sculpture monument by Ed Mell Scottsdale Arizona

Jack Knife by Ed Mell in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona

We have a long way to go to make more people aware of the powerful nature of well-executed sculpture, be it large, small, public or private. The sculpture tells the story of time. The subject and messages of time, the sculptor-artists time, the viewers time and how they relate to the sculpture and its timed message and design. Time is simple, yet so complex as it relates to all the various entities involved in a respective time element…

I was in Hawaii over new years in 1979-80. Yes, I’m a music lover for sure. I was staying at the Hilton Hotel right on Waikiki. I enjoyed the bar there, it was half indorrs and half outdoors right on the beach, iin addition they had a good band. Long story short I’m in there and the lead singer her name is Becky, they covered the old and so popular tune I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline who has one of the best voices of all time. Becky’s band made a fast-paced rock song out of it – so cool, what a great cover. Bare with me now. so today I was in Sprouts a fresh foods chain and bought a few things and the checkout girl, her name was Becky and she looked much the way I remember Becky. Told her my story and my timeline and she said to me I was born in 1979… Time is funny how it ties and unties our lives in such convoluted ways. Experiencing sculpture can play with time as well, the viewers time, the sculptors time, and the event message that the sculpture gives off in such powerful fashion whether it screams or is muted or understated, its still sculpture!

I have a request, give a sculpture a little bit of your time and you just may be suprised at what you will get in return!

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