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At Sculpture Collector we solely focus on the sales of sculpture, brokering, buying, selling, reselling, and listing of sculpture on a global basis – proudly brokering, selling, reselling, viewing, and listing of Sculpture and Famous Sculpture. Working with collectors, individuals, sculptors, galleries, auctions, and companies with the buying & selling of sculpture in both secondary resale sculpture market and the primary sculpture market with their respective sculpture for over 25 years.

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Sculpture Collector enjoys and appreciates Sculpture, it’s beauty and message, and what it offers Sculptors-Artists and the Collectors of the world. The sales & marketing of sculpture through the Buying and Selling of Famous Sculpture is the sole focus of

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Sculpture is a parable in three dimensions, a symbol of a spiritual experience, and a means of conveying truth by concentrating its essence into visible form. – Malvina Hoffman

Sculpture Inside and Out, by Malvina Hoffman (1885-1966) explores sculpture and its power to communicate as a universal language. Whether looking at the serene face of an ancient Athenian god, at Constantin Brancusi’s sleek abstraction of a bird, Auguste Rodin’s evocative lovers or Alexander Phimister Proctor’s monumental Bronco Buster sited against the Denver skyline, these sculptures “speak” to us over many centuries and across as many continents and cultures. Underlying them are timeless expressions of universal emotions-the glue that binds us together as human beings on this marvelous planet we call Earth.

Sculptures history, argued by many people, is the history of humanity. Whether the Sculptural forms are realistic or abstracted, nonobjective or expressionistic, sculpture today, as in past times and places, responds to life. It is not an imitation of life, but rather an interpretation. And wherever sculpture is placed or sited-in an outdoor garden, in a foyer or niche, or on a mantle or pedestal-it articulates the space around it, enlivening the view. A great sculpture is an object to be lived with, brightening each day with a renewed sense of excitement. Simply put it changes the environment that it resides in…

*Please, always remember that whether you are a Buyer or Seller of Sculpture – Sculpture is a Gift for all that have enjoyed and all those who will enjoy. After all, Sculpture stands the test of time…

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