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Sea Born a bronze dolphin sculpture by Wyland

Selling Sculpture

Buying and/or Selling Sculpture is our Focus at Sculpture Collector – Sales, Resales, Listing, and Brokering all require our Personal Service.

Sculpture Collector helps you to Sell and Resell Your Sculpture in the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market and we assist Sculptors and Art Gallery’s to market and sell their Sculpture in the Primary Sculpture Market.

Two Markets, two different market approach’s, but it’s still all personal!

Selling Sculpture

Want to better understand how to sell your sculpture? When you are a seller of most any type sculpture, can assist you with the sale and marketing of your sculpture. Reselling Sculpture for you and/or your family members which is often passed down is our focus at Sculpture is personal in so many ways. Sculpture Collector knows and understands that personal approach in the reselling of your sculpture. Whether it’s a $150.00 Pewter statue or a $17,000 limited edition bronze sculpture to a life-size/monumental piece in the tens of thousands and more or most any type of sculpture in between. The sale of your sculpture is important to you, and we know and understand that at Sculpture Collector.

We Need to talk!

That being said that Sculpture is personal and so is the sale, please give us a call at Sculpture Collector so we can get going on the sale of your sculpture! Our contact number is 480.622.7799 in the USA. If the call goes to voice mail, leave us a brief message with your phone contact number and we will call you back promptly!

The International Sculpture Collector number is + 001 928.421.3752.

We are eagerly here to assist you in the sale or resale of your Sculpture!

If email is your preferred method of contact, we can be reached at

Your Sculpture + Eyeballs = Sculpture Collector

Pretty simple, your Sculpture needs to be seen to be sold. We offer those Eyeballs at Sculpture Collector! – You sculpture is always most likely to be on the first page of search results when listed with Sculpture Collector. Then we create an awesome presentation of your Sculpture that you want Sculpture Collector to sell for you. Sculpture Collector the visibility, marketing, and sales outlet for the sale of Sculpture the world over.

The Sculpture Collector promise to you

We will strive both diligently and personally to sell your sculpture through our prominent website for Sculpture focused on only Sculpture. You will most always be on the first page of search results with Sculpture Collector and then we craft a professional presentation of your sculpture for the world to see and appreciate. We are on your side always striving to make your day with a sculpture sale!

Sculpture Values Then and Now

Good bronze Sculpture is made to last for decades, centuries and more. Sculpture can hold it’s value, although market conditions, the rarity of a sculpture, societal changes, and numerous other factors will determine the current and future values of sculpture. We can help to determine a sales price for you, we will help to provide you a market value for your sculpture. As a seller on Sculpture Collector you are the last word in pricing, we never force you to sell.

At Sculpture Collector we have always said collect sculpture because you want to enjoy it! The beauty and presence of sculpture completes an environment with it’s often powerful message. Enjoy that as those collectors of sculpture in the know realize so well.


Buying Sculpture

Buying and acquiring sculpture is a joy all its own. Most often the reasons vary widely when buying or procuring sculpture. Suffice to say it is most always an emotionally charged visual pleasure. Whether you are buying in the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market or the Primary Sculpture Market it’s all Sculpture!

Buying in the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market

When buying sculpture whether its bronze, stone, steel or acrylic takes your due diligence. Sometimes you think that the Internet has all the correct answers, usually that is just not the case. The Internet is not always truthful, so be careful. Not all Sculpture websites are like Sculpture Collector. Truth matters to us at Sculpture Collector. When you buy in the secondary resale sculpture market it can prove to be a very smart way of buying sculpture. Good bronze sculpture can last generations taken care of and usually the price is very favorable as someone has run out of enjoyment and wants to sell for a very opportune or favorable price to the buyer.

Sculpture Collector takes pride in successfully putting together the sculpture buyers and sculpture sellers all over the world.

Let us help you the sculpture buyer! we’ve heard it said that smart money buys sculpture in the secondary sculpture resale market.

Buying in the Primary Sculpture Market

Buying fine sculpture in the primary market quite often means you are buying directly from the sculptor-artist themselves. That can be and most always is a very positive experience. You you buying a brand new so to speak sculpture and interacting with sculptor creator. Getting some insight as the how and why the sculpture was created. It is a different sculpture buying experience al together from buying in the secondary resale sculpture market. One is not better than the other, they are just different sculpture purchasing experiences. We know numerous sculpture collectors that buy uin both the Primary Sculpture Market and the Secondary Resale Sculpture Markets. Sometimes a Sculpture Edition is sold out and is not available from the Sculptor. The sold out limited edition sculpture now becomes available through a variety of circumstances and is now for sale again, this time in the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market.

Buying and/or Selling Sculpture is our Focus at Sculpture Collector – Sales, Resales, Listing, and Brokering all require our Personal Service.

Sculpture sales fall into two main categories or markets.

The Primary Sculpture Market and the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market. Sculpture Collector offers sculpture for sale in both the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market and the Primary Sculpture Market.

Selling Sculpture

Selling in the Secondary Resale Sculpture Market

Selling in the Primary Sculpture Market

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