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W. Cie Conway • The Offering with Settler

Original price was: $5,900.00.Current price is: $4,750.00.

W. Cie Conway limited edition bronze sculpture The Offering with Settler of American Indian and Early Westbound Settler sharing a peace pipe. Rare availability now available from where unique and great sculpture is bought, sold, brokered and listed in a secure and private manner.  Please note – the peace pipe is a separate piece of the overall work of art.

Letter written from the artist to my grandparents after multiple meetings and conversations. He emphasized (his take on) the importance of the artwork’s meaning when compared to – at that time – current day issues, very allegorical in nature.

Sculpture ID: 13646



The Offering with Settler


W. Cie Conway

Height: 15”H x 15-20″W (each piece) x 15″D
Weight (Approx): 100 lbs total – each piece about 50 lb ea
Edition Numbers: 1 of 15
Have the certificate of authenticity
Description: American Indian and Early Westbound Settler sharing a peace pipe

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