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Bronze Sculpture Buy Sell – Bronze is without a doubt the most popular and used metal for the casting of metal/bronze sculpture. It’s used for various types of sculptures, statues, and memorials. These Bronze Sculptures can be single or in groups of various types of subject matter, be it figurative, wildlife or various other subject matter. Sizes vary from small tabletop to life-size to monumental.

The bronze alloys that make up the numerous sculptures and statues the world over vary in their makeup. Most bronze today is made up of Copper and Tin. Percentages vary from the middle ’80s to the middle ’90s in Copper percentage with the remainder being made up of tin.
It often seems that the higher content of bronze makes for better welds that stay strong and last. Many of the knock-off (copies) of bronze sculpture pieces from other parts of the world have lower percentages of bronze and the welds tended to crack and break in a few years, sometimes sooner. In addition, the higher content bronzes resolve detail much better. This enables the original artist or sculptor to be far more creative and definitive in their work, often bringing out subtleties that are not attainable in cheaper cast bronze.

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