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R. Rousu • Eagle Descends on Rabbit Prey (TTB)


A limited edition bronze eagle sculpture by the noted wildlife sculptor-artist R. Rousu. This sculpture depicts the Eagle descending upon it’s Rabbit prey. Eagle Descends on Rabbit Prey (TTB) Now available from where highly collectible is bought, sold, resold, listed, and brokered in a private and secure manner globally

Sculpture ID: 14569



Eagle Descends on Rabbit Prey (TTB)


R. Rousu

Height: 22 1/2 inches
Width: 8 inches
Depth: 6 inches
Weight (Approx): 11.6 lbs
Edition Numbers: 93/100
A handsomely created Bronze Eagle sculpture by R. Rousu

This is a gorgeous bronze perched on an oak oblong platform with green felt table protector. The WB symbol with Wyoming Steamboat is embedded into the base of the bronze between the date 19-4. The intense detail of the eagle, and the clear sharp depictions of his face and talons are exceptionally created renderings of R. Rousu fine art.

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