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R. Rousu • Grizzly Bear Bookends Identical


A pair of Bronze Grizzly Bear Bookends – perfect for the shelf or table placement by noted wildlife sculptor-artist R. Rousu. Now available from where great collectible sculptural objects are bought, sold, resold, brokered, and listed in a secure and private manner globally.

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Grizzly Bear Bookends Identical


R. Rousu

Height: 7 1/2 inches
Width: 6 1/2 inches
Depth: 7 1/4 inches
Weight (Approx): 7.0 pounds each (or 14.2 pounds combined)
Edition Numbers: 456 on each piece
Medium: Bronze

Bronze  Sculpture Grizzly Bear Bookends by R. Rousu – rare offering

These two R. Rousu bronze sculptures are a matching set of Grizzly Bear bookends, or they can be displayed individually. They each come mounted on an L-shaped oak base and back, with green felt furniture protectors underneath. The size above is the measurement of the oak holder, and the large grizzly heads fill the base space, presenting a magnificent opportunity for wildlife conversation and conservation. The expression on each of the grizzly bears is as fierce as what you would see if you encountered a live grizzly in the wild, which is typical of R. Rousu’s authentic depictions of wild animal fine art. There is a “456” imprinted in the right necks of each grizzly showing this was intended to be a matching set. There is no other symbol, author signature, or date apparent on the sculpture, but this was purchased from the artist around 1985. Note: If two pictures are very similar, the first one is bookend one, and the second is bookend two. Since they are identical there is not a left and a right.

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