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Savage Land • Julie Ellis

Original price was: $3,250.00.Current price is: $2,550.00.

Savage Land bronze sculpture – This sculpture speaks for itself really. It is the artist’s favorite piece. Women standing strong and defending their families no matter what. We sometimes forget what effort and sacrifice it took by many to settle this land and get us ( our nation) started. She is a very thoughtful woman and like many in church choirs all over the country, just a whisker away from the “big time.” That does not at all diminish the quality and message of her work.

Sculpture ID: 10174



Savage Land


Julie Ellis

Limited Edition bronze sculpture… edition of 9/10
Part of a series called “Women of the West

11″H x14″W x7″D (aprox.)
A SOLD OUT Edition
Very rarely available
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Savage Land bronze sculpture

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