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Hippo Sculptures • Paul Bellardo


Hippo Sculptures by Paul Bellardo for Austin Sculptures  at Sculpture Collector. Hippos are sold as a set of 3 (family).

Sculpture ID: 12264



Hippo Sculptures
Papa Hippo Limited Edition . . AP 3104 – size . . 12.5″H x 9.25″W x 11″D
wgt. 7.6 lbs.
Mama Hippo Limited Edition . . AP 3103 – size . . 9.5″H x 8″W x 9.5″D
wgt. 8.2 lbs.
Baby Hippo Limited Edition . . AP 3102 – size . . 7″H x 6″W x 7.5″D
wgt. 4.6 lbs.

Sold as a set of three (HIPPO FAMILY)

Paul Bellardo for Austin Productions a set of Three Hippos (family) 1980

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