Sculpture Wanted

Hello folks, it’s Bill here and we find ourselves to be constantly on the lookout for sculpture that people have contacted us about acquiring. Maybe you have one of these sculptures we have listed below. Please let us know if have any of the below-listed sculptures. or for that matter, other sculptures that you would like to sell and didn’t know how to go about getting your sculpture on the market by listing it with the number one sculpture outlet globally. Sculpture Collector can help you with the selling of your sculpture. Find out how easy it is to work with us here at Sculpture Collector. We would love to talk to with you! Give us a call at 480.622.7799 or our international number 928.421.3752. Sculpture Collector finding and locating sculpture of most all types for decades for our buyers and sellers. We do our personal best to make it successfully work for all involved parties!

Marie Barbera sculpture – The Flutist, The Quilted Blanket and Fancy Dancer

James Muir sculpture – The Black Horse, Southern Steel 1 and 2.

Harry Jackson and other western sculpture

Bill Mack – Enigma Bonded Sand, Brilliant, Encircled Enigma, Elusive, Elegance II’ Grand Elusive

Antique bike sculpture – this fellow just likes old bicycle sculpture of many different types. Let us know what you have

So-Ho-Mop-O by Sally Kimp

Summer Morning by Austin Barton the large version 48-50″H ¾ life-sizeor the smaller version at 27”H

Robert Larum equine sculptures

A client interested in obtaining a bronze titled Summer Sun by Melissa Cooper.

Most all sculpture sculpture by Louis Amateis (1855-1913)

A bronze Bull and Bear Sculpture by Cammie Lundeen or other sculptor artists creating Bull and Bear themed sculpture

Sculptor Bob Parks – looking for a sculpture by him titled What’s That? (a Butterfly landed on the rump of the horse)

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