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Donald Baechler Walking Figure

The Arts at Aventura Mall

The culture of the mall is reborn in Florida. The busiest and best shopping mall is an experience like no other! It’s Aventura Mall!

The times of upheaval, for the bricks-and-mortar retail units are upon us, for sure. There is a distinct diffewnce though with a 37-year-old South Florida mall that has brought change with an unlikely success mmodal featuring a low-tech environment and rebelling the high tech so to speak. This mall is most populkar for all ages today with its nine-story slide (for children and adults), along with “sculptures”, allvery cool. a party venue and carnival-style games of chance, almost likje a side-show. Occupancy rates puch heavily toward 100%. I like this concept of life, especially with the sculpture!! Who would have thought that I enjoy the sculpture component:)

Donald Baechler Walking Figure
Aventura Mall and Sculpture

Donald Baechler – Walking Figure

Ugo Rondinone
Ugo Rondinone at Aventura Mall

Moonrise by Ugo Rondinone \

Mark Handforth - Blackbird sculpture
Mark Handforth abd his Blackbird sculpture part of the arts at Aventura Mall in Florida

Mark Handforth – Blackbird

Wendell Castle - Veiled in a Dream sculpture
Wendell Castle – Veiled in a Dream sculpture at Aventura Mall in Florida

Wendell Castle – Veiled in a Dream

There are many more absolutely wonderful sculpture at this great showcase of life and society at the Aventura Mall.

Please find a link to numerous other exciting sculptures at Aventura Mall by clicking here

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