• Taxidi
gold patina



Travel (Taxidi in Greek) is intertwined with the Greek soul. From the journeys of Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey to the seafaring nature of our people the blue of the sky and the sea is part of the Greek ethos. Nikolas’s artwork unites the form of a ship’s figurehead with that of a Protocycladic idol inviting the viewer to travel and explore both literally and metaphorically. The wing-like shapes on the head of the sculpture reminds us of the wings of the Nike of Samothraki but also of the feathers on native American headpieces, bringing forward movement to the whole piece.

Sculpture ID: 9595




Taxidi (gold)

created by


Limited Edition of 8 in Bronze

81cm x 38cm x 50cm    38” x 15” x 19.5”

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