• Skepsis
maquette-blue/white patina



A man is sitting on his knees thinking. What is he thinking? Has he reached a decision? Why is he sitting on his knees? These are the questions; the work poses on the viewer. It seems like he is on the verge of making up his mind and sitting up. He sits still for the moment, but movement is anticipated.

With Skepsis, Nikolas combines two much loved sculptural concepts with a brilliant result. On the one hand the type of the Thinker, most famous from the homonymous work by Rodin. On the other the grand tradition of Protocycladic sculptures, with their elegance and minimal aesthetic.

Sculpture ID: 9582



Skepsis (maquette blue/white) a smaller version created by


Limited Edition of 28 in Bronze

40cm   15.75″

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