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A Limited Edition Bronze Eagle Sculpture by Dale M. Burr titled Boundary Dispute at Sculpture Collector

Dale M. Burr – Sculptor Artist

Yellowstone Park – Old Faithful

July 27, 1935 – July 23, 2020

Dale M. Burr passed away last month. Known as the Yellowstone Park, Old Faithful Artist his interpretative insight and take Yellowstone Park was immense. Dale was both artist and sculptor. Please find some images below that reflect his love affair with the Yellowstone Park, especially the Old Faithful Geyser area.

Dale M. Burr Yellowstone Park Sculptor Artist

David E. Jackson, mountain man and trapper, the namesake of Jackson Hole, later named Davey Jackson by his trapper friends. His favorite trapping grounds was a basin surrounded by mountains, rivers and streams, and was an  excellent hunting and trapping area,  later named by his fellow trappers as “Jackson’s Hole”. An area surrounded by mountains was named by trappers of that era to be a “hole”.
Here is my challenge as an older artist! To recreate my old friend, Davey Jackson, for all the world to see. I will take you along on this journey with me. I did this once already, you know.
Many years ago I created this piece in  the famous town of Jackson Hole itself. The piece was too large and never finished. The desire to recreate it has burned in my heart ever since.
Join me on this adventure by following the creation process through my blog, as I tribute the  famous Davey Jackson.
Here is the original study of the monument I want to make of Davey Jackson. I made this smaller bronze about 1986 in my younger years. It is 13 inches tall.

Dale M. Burr Yellowstone Park Sculptor Artist

Much to the dismay of my associates I have very few pictures of myself sculpting. But here is one for you to enjoy. I am sculpting Beaver Dick Lee, first settler of  Teton Basin. settled with his Shoshone Indian wife, Jennie Lee, and their five children. She raised those children in a teepee in the Teton Mountain Range. I am currently writing a book about Jennie Lee of the Tetons. More information to come on that topic!

Dale M. Burr Yellowstone Park Sculptor Artist

Dale M. Burr’s painting of Old Faithful below is a painting to remember.

Dale M. Burr Yellowstone Park Sculptor Artist

Old Faithful

2 thoughts on “Dale M. Burr – Sculptor Artist”

  1. Hi .. I just bought a bronze statue of Sacajawea “bird women “ 88
    I was wondering if you have a story to go with that one ?
    Thanks Tammi

    1. Hi Tammi – not really, but there are numerous stories about Sacajawea on the Internet. Many, many sculptors have sculpted her as well!

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