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Ed Swena

The rugged history of the west and the cultures that are part of the saga are forever captured in the limited edition bronze sculptures of Ed Swena, who was born to a hard working ranch family near Golden Colorado in 1927 and passed away in Tucson, Arizona in 2022..
Ed’s love of animals led to an early career as a veterinarian, which continues to influence his wildlife miniatures, life-size and monumental limited editions and commissioned pieces. Proud blood of the Native American Nation runs through his veins, giving passion to his Native American works of art After a long and successful career as a prominent thoracic surgeon in Arizona, Ed pursued his love of art. history and nature through sculpture. “In bronze, I find the strength of medium to match my subject, the characters and the events of the American movement west This is the time in history which defined us as a nation, for good and bad.
From great clashes of culture to a single moment of courage. the strength and survival, lies the emotion that stirs the artist and the viewer alike. I want the viewer to feel the tension, the power of a war pony moving forward into battle, or the resolve of a man racing his own vision of conflict, or the sweetness and innocence of a new fawn as dawn approaches. I want my art to touch , to move, to connect with the viewer each time they look at it”
Ed Swena’s works reside in numerous prominent private collections. including President George W. Bush, and the extensive military collection of Bill Jones. council to the governor of Texas. Galleries from Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Utah, New Mexico, and Arkansas have housed his fine works of art.
“If I have done my work as an artist. the stories that have moved me to create these moments in history, should become part of the viewers own experience.

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