Victor Demanet • Male Nude Archer


Victor Demanet Fine Art Deco Bronze Sculpture “Male Nude Archer” available now at Sculpture Collector
An excellent Art Deco sculpture from the 1930s. A great piece for any worthy collection or just making a strong statement, Very nice in most any home or office. Save on this valuable piece, you will not find a nicer Art Deco Bronze!


Sculpture ID: 7298



Male Nude Archer

Art Deco

bronze dimensions: 22″W x 7″D x 24″H
approx. wgt. 55 lbs
limited edition bronze

Victor Demanet

such an excellent piece for any collection
Rarely available – attorney owned for 30 years


Circa 1930

Victor Demanet Fine Art Deco Famous Bronze Sculpture Male Nude Archer

more about the artist…

Born in Givet to Namur parents, Victor Demanet (1895-1964) grew up at the confluence of the Sambre and the Meuse, his parents running an antique business in the heart of the Walloon city. Called to succeed them, Demanet attended the Academy of Fine Arts (1916-1919) where he was a student of Désiré Hubin, but the revelation came to him from the works of Constantin Meunier and especially from the social and working thematic developed by the painter/sculptor from Brussels. During a stay in Paris, the works of Rude, Carpeaux and Rodin finally convince Demanet that his path is in sculpture. Noted at the Salon of French Artists in Paris in 1923, for his bust of Bonaparte in Arcole, Victor Demanet quickly established himself as a talented portrait painter who was entrusted with numerous public commissions. Like other artists of his time, he made several monuments to the victims of the two wars. He is also the author of several dozen medals (including one by General Piron), which does not prevent him from pursuing a more personal work with inspiration comparable to that of Constantin Meunier, with many representatives of the world of job. Settled in Brussels since 1926, he died in Ixelles in 1964. Without crossing paths with JB. Piron, the artist is a contemporary of the military. Without crossing the road of JB. Piron, the artist is a contemporary of the military. Without crossing the road of JB. Piron, the artist is a contemporary of the military.

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