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Soul 8 • Oriano Galloni

Original price was: $20,000.00.Current price is: $16,000.00.

Soul 8 a wonderfully created wood sculpture by Oriano Galloni. Part of the Silent Soul Project

Sculpture ID: 11500



Soul 8


Oriano Galloni

Dimensions: 90″H’

Part of Silent Soul Project a Figurative Wood Sculpture by Oriano Galloni

The Silent Souls are Galloni’s three-dimensional interpretations of the process of spiritual purification. In form and concept they resemble trees, rooted to the material realm and reaching towards the heavens.  The wood represents a natural form – a material that moves, breaks and ages like skin upon which a serene spirituality can be built. The contrasting pure white stone is presented as a material that exists in eternity and symbolizes the essence of the soul.

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