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Luis Alberto Cano • The Muisca Raft

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The Legend of El Dorado, The Muisca Raft. Pre- Columbian lost wax reproduction.24k gold plated by Luis Alberto Cano available now at Sculpture Collector

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The Muisca Raft


Luis Alberto Cano

(now available)
Limited Edition… 25/25 – March 19, 2016
Size . . 4″H x 5″W x 5.5″D

excellent condition

The Muisca Raft a mixed media 24K gold plated sculpture by Luis Alberto Cano

COLOMBIA | Pre-Columbian reproduction jewelry and objects

The Cano Family’s association with pre-Columbian cultures began in the late 19th Century when stone paver Nemecio Cano’s archeological discoveries ignited a passion for indigenous artifacts. Through generations of exploration, study, artistic and technical efforts, the Cano family has been able to rediscover and reproduce these traditional pre-Hispanic jewelry and art pieces.

The original Pre-Colombian item was crafted by an artisan of the Muisca people of Colombia, sometime between 600 and 1500 A.D.

Luis Alberto Cano jewelry is created by highly skilled artisans using the same ancient methods practiced by indigenous goldsmiths — including lost wax casting, hammering, bas-relief, and high-relief — in 24k gold-plated brass, 18k gold, and .925 sterling silver. L A Cano’s use of these methods not only facilitates authentic reproductions but also maintains the spirit of the pre-Hispanic craftsmen for whom working with gold was a means of accessing divinity and the supernatural.

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