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Ellen Coffey • Justice – Across Borders


This shape is based on the cartouches of Egypt. Rather than hieroglyphics, the images attempt to capture the struggle of people trying to cross borders in places where others wish to keep them away.

Sculpture ID: 8832



Justice – Across Borders

Fired Clay Bas Relief

Ellen Coffey

H.36’ X W.8” X D.2”
Unique one of a kind

Justice, Across borders
These bas reliefs started after I spent a month traveling in Egypt. In many of the ruins panels of hieroglyphics told stories of history, often of war and sometimes of oppression. With these in mind, I created these modern-day panels that include symbols of justice for women, immigrants, and people of color in the United States. I imagine these panels on the wall of someone who is engaged in activation in the name of justice for all.

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