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Selling and Listing Sculpture with Sculpture Collector

The selling, listing and brokering of fine sculpture in the secondary resale market is something we focus and specialize in, we have marketed fine sculpture for over 20 years. With the cost of bronze and other materials/mediums today, you can usually sell your sculpture at attractive prices. Sculpture taken care of can last for many generations and looks and feels as if it were created yesterday. Contact us today regarding the sale of your sculpture. We can go over the whole process. It's quite simple.

To List and Sell Your Sculpture: We suggest sending us an e-mail with attached image(s) and the proper title and sculptor-artist's name along with dimensions. Please include your contact information. We will most likely need to call you to go over what we can accomplish for you in the sale of your sculpture.

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Sculpture Collector is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and serves those interested in the purchase and or sale of fine sculpture worldwide. We have been working with collectors, sculptors, individuals, companies, and civic organizations in the purchase, sale, and commissioning of fine sculpture for over 18 years. We feature our own Internet company which is dedicated to Sculpture. We enjoy and appreciate Sculpture, it's beauty and message and what it offers Sculptors-Artists and the Collectors of the world. Our sole focus is SCULPTURE! Please enjoy your visit.

All prices and offerings are subject to change without prior notice, and are quoted in US Dollars. We constantly try to improve our site detail and keep our site information up to date, but sometimes a detail will falls through the cracks. That said, we are not responsible for errors on our website. Upon interest in any of our offerings we strive for accuracy in details between all parties. We've been at this for 18 years and although we pride ourselves in our sculptural knowledge and business acumen, we do not profess to know it all!

Sculpture Collector welcomes your comments and suggestions.