• Exoplanets
full-size-green patina


Space, the final frontier. From the dawn of civilization, man tries to reach for the stars. Is there someone out there or are we alone in this vast universe? With this work, Nicolas speaks about the great insecurity we feel as a species when we think about life in other planets. This is the modern ‘’primitive’’ man gazing with awe at the prospect of space exploration, crippled by beliefs, religions and the darker aspects of human nature. The latter is symbolized by the missing pieces in his body. Interestingly enough, the stance of the body with its raised hands reminds us of the Minoan snake goddess figurines.

Sculpture ID: 9553


Exoplanets (full-size green patina)



Limited Edition of 8 in Bronze

79cmx75cmx20cm 31” x 29.5” x7.75”

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