Cyclops – fullsized-green patina • Nikolas


Cyclops mythological bronze sculpture – Nikolas creates his own version in bronze, modernizing an ancient concept.

Sculpture ID: 9596




Cyclops (full-size green patina)



Limited Edition of 8 in Bronze

58cm x 23cm x 20cm    22.75” x 9” x 7.75”

Cyclops mythological bronze sculpture

Cyclops With this piece, the artist takes the well-known form of a Protocycladic idol morphing it into the mythological Cyclops. Essentially an exercise in sculptural technic, Nikolas combines modeling with carving while experimenting with different patinas to create a renewed version of this type. ‘Protocycladic figurines’ used to be sculpted exclusively in marble, in contrast, modernizing an ancient concept.

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