• Aesthisis
maquette-black white patina



While in Skepsis, rational thought and logic are the prevalent elements, here the senses (Aesthisis in Greek) take hold. We bare witness in one of the most sacred moments of courtship, the moment before the first kiss. The two figures interlocked in an embrace are defined by their most essential characteristics of their sex, the gentle curve of the breast for the woman and a sturdier body for the man, thus becoming archetypes of the Male and the Female. Despite its abstract form, the artwork is imbued with sentiment. Honoring his Greek roots, Nikolas draws his inspiration from the Protocycladic figurines breathing life into them and transforming them.

Sculpture ID: 9602



Aesthisis – black and white patina (maquette) a smaller version

created by


Limited Edition of 28 in Bronze

31cm    12.25″