James Muir
• Caduceus

“Caduceus”, recognized as a universal medical symbol, in this bronze representation by James N. Muir has become an Angel of Healing bringing love and peace upon the earth and all of its inhabitants. She is 12 feet high with a 9-foot wingspan and includes fountain capabilities.

In a limited edition of 12, this is No. 10

“My goal is to see these “Seven Ladies on Seven Continents” transcending individual differences to become a unifying symbol for the universal kinship of humanity and all creation in a physical metaphor representing the spiritual connection between all things. To help bring the healing power of love into the earth, ushering in a new era of peace.”
James Nathan Muir

Sculpture ID: 9146


Caduceus – verde’ patina

by James Muir

Monumental 12 feet high

limited edition 10/12

This is unique in it’s beautiful Verde patina and the fact that it is already cast at older foundry pricing.

Caduceus offers optional fountain capabilities as well.

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