• HomoDeus
maquette-green/yellow patina


Inspired by the writings of Yuval Noah Harari, History professor at the University of Jerusalem, Homo Deus creates a vision of the future. Nikolas imagines Man physically transformed by new technologies to the point of attaining a status of immortality, thus becoming a homo deus (a human god). Caught between two states of being the figure is starting to lose its shape transcending its worldly form and promising a bright future for the human species. A utopian dream harboring many hopes but also a warning about the ethical use of these pioneering ideas in the field of medicine.

Sculpture ID: 9692



HomoDeus (maquette green/yellow) a smaller version created by


Limited Edition of 28 in Bronze

49cm x 32cm x 26cm   wgt. 4.2kg       19.29″ x 12.59″ x 10.29   wgt. 9.25 lbs