Gerald J. Sandau
• The Guardian (Snow Leopard & Kit)


Original, One of a Kind Stone Sculpture. Sculpted from white, rust and black Alabaster on a gray granite base.
A Snow Leopard Mother keeping its young one close and safe.
They are an endangered species due to the high demand for their coats, snow leopards are illegally hunted for the fur trade. The pelts are a sought-after commodity in places like Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia where they are turned into coats and other garments. Snow leopard bones and body parts are also used for traditional Asian medicine. As humans expand their farm and grazing areas for livestock herds they are encroaching more into the snow leopards territories resulting in increased conflict with humans when snow leopards attack livestock during times when their natural prey is scarce.


Sculpture ID: 10321



The Guardian (Snow Leopard & Kit)


Gerald J. Sandau

17″H x 13″W x 14″D
Weight (approx) 90 lbs.

Custom made Shipping Box measurements: H-22”, W-17”, D-18”, Total Wt-102 lbs.
Total Price: (Including Shipping & Insurance) – $10,920.00