Ellen Coffey • Egyptian Guide


Egyptian Guide – From a photograph of a tour guide in Cairo taking a break with his arms outstretched came this image of a spiritual guide from the land of Egypt.

Sculpture ID: 8798




Egyptian Guide (Man with Robe) 2018
Bronze-Giudice Foundry-Italy
H.18” X W. 18 X D.3”
Unique one of a kind

by Ellen Coffey

Egyptian Guide – One afternoon while visiting a tomb not far from Cairo I captured a photograph of a tour guide resting with his arms outstretched up against two walls. This image impressed me and seemed to represent a larger meaning of the word guide. It inspired me to make this piece. This sculpture was first made in clay at La Macina di San Cresci in Greve, Italy. Then cast into bronze at the Giudice Fonderia.