About Robert E Gigliotti

Robert E Gigliotti was born in Utah in 1947. He went to parochial school where the only path was college prep. In 1965 he headed off to the University of San Francisco for undergraduate studies and earned a degree in sociology. What do you do with a degree in sociology? You go to graduate school. So Robert went to the University of Victoria to work on a masters degree. Deep inside he “knew” that he wanted to create but didn’t know what or how. Somehow he latched onto photography and decided to quit grad school in favor of art school. He went to Oregon State University to study photography and, with great trepidation, took a bronze sculpture class as an elective. Robert fell in love with it. He had found his path to creativity. The following year Robert transferred to the University of Oregon where, in 1976, he earned a masters degree in art education. He has been sculpting ever since and loves to create figurative bronzes with symbolic twists and turns. His art derives a lot of inspiration from mythology and various spiritual paths. He refers to some of his newest work as “visual koan” from Zen practice.

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