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About Peter Daniels

Over 70,000 pieces of artwork created and produced by Peter have been sold. Collectors in North America purchased many items, however, Japan has been a frequent buyer of Peter’s work. Items have gone to Hawaii, North West Territories, and England. The Department of External Affairs in Ottawa has selected Peter's artwork for their permanent collection as well as numerous private collectors, who have his art in their homes. KVOS TV, CBC TV, Roger’s Cable and Shaw Cable have all filmed Peter’s Fine Art with interviews and documentaries. Roger Boulet, co-author of the “Group of Seven” book gave Peter an exhibition next to the Group of Seven in the late ’70s in Vancouver, at the Keanlyside Gallery. In 1999, the Delta Art Council nominated Peter for the Bronfman Award in Canada. This award is the highest achievement award in his medium in the arts in Canada. Being nominated is a huge success in itself.

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