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Two Bears bronze sculpture by Walt Horton

"Two Bears"
bronze dimensions: 22.5"H x 32"W x 15.5"D
limited edition 60/100
by Walt Horton
Excellent condition

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Two Bears bronze sculpture by Walt Horton

Two Bears bronze sculpture by Walt Horton - edition numbers

Two Bears bronze sculpture by Walt Horton - base image

About Walt Horton

Walt Horton has had a long and prolific career as a cartoonist, but has only been a sculptor since 1993, the seeds of his skill were planted many years ago. After studying for one year at the University of Colorado, where he met his wife, Peggy, he decided that formal schooling wasn't for him. The couple left the United States in the middle 1970's for a 17-year stint performing missionary work in Brazil and Bermuda. Horton became fluent in Portuguese and Spanish while intensely watching the features and body language of the people with whom he was working. "I've always liked making people smile and laugh so cartooning has been great for me. My work has been translated into over 100 languages and published on every continent around the world. It Wasn't until my family and I returned to the United States in 1993 that I became interested in sculpting. I always had a love for it. but I wasn't sure if I could make a living at it," Horton recounts.

During a family ski trip to Aspen in 1993, Horton stopped in at a gallery to view recent sculpture on display. The bronze children shown inspired him to go home and try his own hand at creating some moving work.

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