"Rachel" terra cotta sculpture of lady Rachel by Victory Clapp for sale at Sculpture Collector

Rachel a terra cotta sculpture of lady Rachel by Victory Clapp for sale at Sculpture Collector

Limited Edition Terra Cotta . . 9 of 18
Size . . 23"H x 20"W x 14"D
wgt. 72 lbs. (inculdes wood base)
wood base
by Victory Clapp
wonderful condition
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Description: Magnificent Terra Cotta sculpture by renowned wildlife artist Victory Clapp. "Rachel" 1986 9/18. Features Male Elk standing tall trumpeting his dominance in a natural setting. Terra Cotta figure and woodland scene on granite and wood base. 23" high x 20" long x 14" deep. 72lbs. Signed and dated. A truly beautiful and amazing piece of art. A wonderful sculpture for the office, home or gallery display.

Victory Clapp

My work is a study in life. As a young person raising a family I would create the sculpture of the moment at the beach in the sand with nothing more than a kitchen spoon, knife,my hands, and a yearning in my heart. Buy days end the waves would wash away any evidence of creative endeavor at this place on this day. I discovered clay as a life affirming substance to bring to life the persons who have passed through my life and my imagination. At times I have to endure endless health issues and unrelenting physical pain, where I find escape and relief in my art. I truly do thank God for granting me the ability to express myself and share my imagination.

V. L. Clapp

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