"Searching for New Horizons" Limited edition, hot cast bronze sculpture by Mike Flanagan for sale at Sculpture Collector

Searching for New Horizons Limited edition, hot cast bronze sculpture by Mike Flanagan

"Searching for New Horizons"
Limited edition, hot cast bronze sculpture
Dimensions: 10"L X 13.5"W x 21"H
Weight: (approx) 46 lbs
Walnut base
Edition No. 21 of 21

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Searching for New Horizons bronze sculpture available from Sculpture Collector

Mike Flanagan Search for New Horizons fine bronze sculpture

Mountain men like Kit Carson, James Beckworth, Jim Bridger and Jeremiah Johnson were the rugged men who trapped, explored and mapped the American West.

The mountain man's life was ruled not by the calendar or the clock but by the climate and seasons. In fall and spring, the men would trap. The start of the season and its length were dictated by the weather.

His life was tough, and one that brought him face-to-face with death on a regular basis - sometimes through the slow agony of starvation, dehydration, burning heat or freezing cold and sometimes by the surprise attack of animal or Indian. His very existence depended on his resilience, adaptability, stamina, endurance and courage.

Wyoming artist, Mike Flanagan, created this sculpture, Searching for New Horizons, in 1979 to honor the courage and rugged individualism of these hearty men. He used an interesting combination of a nearly life sized bust with miniature subject matter to accentuate the varied experience of this natural explorer.

Mr. Flanagan moved from making smaller sculptures to monument sized pieces. His career came into full bloom when he was chosen by the National Cowboy Hall of Fame to produce a sculpture of Wyoming rancher, Herman Werner. He was then commissioned to do a 9th British Lancer on horseback for the historic IXL Ranch near Dayton, Wyoming and four life-sized North American Wild Sheep for the North American Sheep Foundation in Cody.

Monumental sculptures continue to accent area ranches from the famed historic Polo Ranch and the entrance to the Powder Horn Golf Community to the landscapes of private residences. His pieces are exhibited in private, corporate and municipal collections throughout North America and Canada. Most recently, he completed a life sized sculpture of a prominent agriculture producer in Mexico.

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Mike Flanagan, sculptor and painter, lives at the base of the beautiful Big Horn mountains in North Central Wyoming. He is continually inspired by his surroundings – mountains, ranches, wildlife and cowboy life.

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