Jerry Dollar Fine Carved Wood Sculpture "Elf Owl" available now from Sculpture Collector

Jerry Dollar Fine Carved Wood Sculpture Elf Owl

"Elf Owl"
Purchased December 2, 1988 at the El Mundo Magico Gallery (Sedona, AZ)
This Jerry Dollar piece isnow available for sale by original owner)
Hand-carved original in wood
Size (approx.). . .10"H x 6"W
by Jerry Dollar

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Jerry Dollar Fine Carved Wood Sculpture Elf Owl for sale at Sculpture Collector

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Jerry Dollar was born on a farm in Madera, California on September 27, 1938. After graduating high school, Mr. dollar began working at a dairy near his childhood home, where he remained as head-milker and foreman for twenty-four years. During that time, he married his wife, Judy.

Below, in Mr. Dollar's words he will share a little of his life and dreams with you.
"I will start with a question. How would you like to spend every day doing anything you wanted? Well, that's exactly how everyday is with me, and the thing I like doing best is carving birds. Actually, it is more than that. You see, the birds are just the star characters. My desire is not just carving birds. I want to go beyond that and capture the bird in action. This, to me, is what makes the difference in just a bird< carving or a piece of fine art--to be able to take wood and glass eyes and paint, and put them all together in just the correct way to capture the true thing, to show expression, action, and just enough mystery to excercise the viewer's imagination. My desire is to have everyone who sees one of my bird carvings to not just see a bird, but to see a part of God's wonderful creation so perfectly portrayed that the viewer is transformed into the carving."

Jerry has never had any lessons in art, carving, or painting, but when he starts carving, As Jerry says, "they just happen--no not really, you see, I have been given a gift and I truly praise God for it."

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