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Herb Mignery Bronze  Sculpture titled Box Social

"Box Social"
bronze dimensions: 17.5"h x 9"w
number 1 of limited edition of 20
by by Herb Mignery

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A very nicely done original limited edition sculpture executed in bronze by Herb Mignery. Rarely available.

About Herb Mignery

Herb Mignery was born on a ranch near Bartlett, Nebraska in 1931. He remembers never being able to tolerate a blank space on a piece of paper, and as a result, developed his artistic talent drawing cartoons for friends. Although he developed his skill to become an illustrator, it wasn't painting that would launch his career in the world of fine art. At the urging of one of his employers, he decided to sculpt his first bronze called Veteran.

It was from that point on that he devoted himself exclusively to bronze sculpture. Mignery's focus has been on cowboys, but is also inspired by the early Western pioneers.

Elected to the National Sculpture Society in 1996

Won five gold medals for best sculpture at the annual Cowboy Artists of America show.

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