Enzo Plazzotta "Jamaican Girl" bronze figurative sculpture available now from Sculpture Collector

Enzo Plazzotta Jamaican Girl bronze figurative sculpture

"Jamaican Girl"
Size... 62"H x 17"W x 28'D (from base to top)
solid marble base
by Enzo Plazzotta
signed with Plazzotta’s foundry mark – Edition 6/9
rare piece - perfect condition and presentation

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Enzo Plazzotta Jamaican Girl available for aquisition now at Sculpture Collector

figurative bronze sculpture Jamaican Girl available now from Sculpture Collector

Enzo Plazzotta Sculpture Jamaican Girl

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Enzo Plazzotta fine bronze sculpture

Jamaican Girl a figurative bronze by Enzo Plazzotta

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Fine Enzo Plazzotta bronze sculpture available now at Sculpture Collector

Enzo Plazzotta

Enzo Plazzotta (May 29, 1921 – October 12, 1981) was born in Mestre, near Venice and spent his working life in London, England. He specialized in ballet dancers and female nudes. Enzo’s sculptures are found in several public and private collections worldwide including:

  • Homage to Leonardo, in The Vatican, Rome as well as in Belgrave Square, London.
  • Crucifixion with Thieves, in College Garden in Westminster Abbey
  • Camargue Horses stands on the Waterside Terrace at the Barbican Centre, London
  • Memorial for the Battle of Lewes in Priory grounds, Lewes, Sussex, England Jeté, 1975, Westminster, London
  • The Helmet,(1964) in the grounds of Lewes Priory; commissioned by Sir Tufton Beamish
  • Two Brothers - Boys Town, Nebraska.
  • Young Dancer, bronze and sits opposite the Royal Opera House in London
  • Boystown Monument in Omaha, Nesbraska; Catholic University, Washington DC and Standford University, California
  • Plazzotta has been exhibited internationally and represented by many of the best known galleries worldwide.
  • For more information on Enzo Plazzotta as the sculptor and public displays, please visit: www.plazzotta.co.uk

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