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Domingo Garcia Saguaro bronze cactus sculpture

Edition . . 9
Size . . 34"H x 9"W
45 lbs
by Domingo Garcia
Extremely Rare
perfect condition

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Domingo Garcia Saguaro bronze cactus sculpture

"Saguaro" is sculpted in an expressionist manner, with typical hewn clay indentations and built up organic surfaces in the modern abstract tradition of Jacques Lipschitz and Henry Moore.
It stands solidly on its three points of grounded "feet" and is best seen in an environment of nature (outdoors) where it tends to blend dramatically and merge with flora as a part of the countryside.

Domingo Garcia During the decades from 1950 to 1970 Puerto Rico reached a cultural renaissance that demonstrated with big force in the plastic arts, literature, theater, dance, and music, as well as in other expressions of the national culture.

In the field of the plastic arts there were Lorenzo Homar, Rafael Tufiño, Julio Rosado of the Vale, Augusto Marín, Antonio Torres Martinó, Epifanio Irizarry, Fran Cervoni, Félix Rodríguez Báez, Carlos Marichal, Luis Germán Cajigas, Manuel Hernández Acevedo and Domingo García.

Domingo was born born in the pueblo of Coamo in the year 1932 and along with his family it moved to New York when only he was six years old.

He initiated his studies of art in National Academy of New York and later in Art Institute of Chicago. In 1952 he traveled to London where he studies under the painter William Locke.

In the year 1957, Domingo came to Puerto Rico from New York, his work rapidly integrated in the artistic movement of the country, not only as painter, engraver and sculptor but as promoter of the arts. By means of his participation in individual and collective exhibitions, his work revealed and received the attention of the collectors and the recognition of the critics.

In the year 1958 he established the Gallery Campeche in the Old San Juan, where some of the most out-standing artists of the moment were shown.
In 1988 it founded the Latin-American Gallery, in the Cristo Street in Old San Juan, which became an important contribution to Puerto Rico's culture and the promotion of the arts.

In 1972 it received the prestigious Scholarship of the Foundation Guggenheim.

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