Chester Fields, "Where Eagles Dare" famous bronze eagle sculpture available now at Sculpture Collector

Sculptor Chester Fields Where Eagles Dare bronze eagle sculpture for sale now at Sculpture Collector

"Where Eagles Dare"
Limited Edition 21/50
6 foot Bronze Edition
circa 1991
Bronze Double Eagle Sculpture Fighting over a Fish
Size... 72"H
Bronze Casting Deluxe Patina Silver Heads and Gold Beak, Feet and Eyes Black Sapphire Eyes
316L Stainless Steel Splash Granite Base with manual rotating base.
by Chester Fields
a most collectible sculpture - excellent condition

Where Eagles Dare” depicts two bald eagle’s fighting over a recently caught fish. “Where Eagles Dare” is one of Chester Fields’ most sought after sculptures.

A wonderful way to add or complete your space/environment - An incredible sculpture!

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Chester Fields

Chester has sold over 750 eagles sculptures to the following countries: United States: nearly every state in the Union, Africa, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Chester Fields explains that his intense interest in the eagle, which he has painted and sculpted for more than 28 years, was an evolution that continued to build since he first encountered them as a child. Born in The Dalles, Oregon and raised in British Columbia, the artist spent his youth observing, drawing, and painting his surroundings. The beautiful Northwest inspired him each time he opened his door to the cattle ranches and wheat farms he worked on as boy. His childhood was very demanding of him, requiring many hours of hard labor and numerous relocations. His hard work only drove his passions and seeded his dedication. Fields spent his free time with pencil and paints in hand—his passion for the beauty around him and firsthand experience observing each subject is revealed through his detailed and unique style.

Shortly after graduating from a graphic design program at a college in Spokane, Washington, Fields was drafted into the Army. An assignment as staff artist at an American base in Germany provided him with the opportunity to visit the great museums of Europe. For two years, Fields soaked up works by da Vinci, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Rodin, studying their techniques in detail.

When choosing subject matter for his bronzes, Fields knew birds would be a popular choice. The artist finally narrowed his selection to the eagle because it has a universality that makes it a popular image even in the international marketplace. The Fierce power and beauty of the swift, far-seeing eagle captures the vibrant spirit of the wilderness. Graceful and majestic, the eagle is among the most revered of all creatures. Far more ancient than the age of man, the eagle race dates back twenty-five million years somewhere along the Asian coast of the south Pacific. Inhabiting practically every part of the world, the eagle is borderless in its appeal and puts man’s own existence into perspective.

This bronze eagle sculpture "Where Eagles Dare" is in excellent condition. A most rare and desireable collectible limited edition bronze eagle sculpture

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