Brad Howe "Tortuga" mobile sculpture for sale at Sculpture Collector

Brad Howe Tortuga mobile sculpture for sale at Sculpture Collector

Size . . 6' wide x 4' high
by Brad Howe
excellent condition

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Tortuga a mobile hanging sculpture by Brad Howe

Brad Howe is the artist/sculpturer who created this colorful mobile, "Tortuga," for me in 1990. It is secured with heavy wire, hangs from a beam on my two-story ceiling and moves gently with warm air currents. The mobile is made of galvanized sheet metal and sheet aluminum, painted with automotive lacquers and enamels. It measures 6 ft. wide by 4' high and is in perfect condition. The composition includes six circular designs,tortugas, each in different color combinations as well as two abstract diversions. Brad Howe signed the black and white checked flag. Each tortuga has either one or two wands which are balanced and free standing.

Brad Howe

"My sculptures are designed with a focus on vitality." Their structures are composed with actual or implied kinetic properties aimed at exposing energized moments between connection and disconnection, as well as between strain and serenity.

As a student of International Relations at Stanford University, Howe attended the University of São Paulo to specialize in Brazilian Literature and Economic History. It was there he discovered the passion for art and architecture that would eventually lead to his first exhibitions. Since then, working from his studio near Los Angeles he has exhibited in over eighteen countries worldwide, and his works have been placed in collections throughout 32 countries. His studio is actively completing site-specific commissions and installations for cities, universities, museums and private corporations worldwide. He recently completed the installation of a very large, public art piece for the city of Baltimore.

This wonderful hanging period mobile sculpture would be perfect in a high ceiling area - bring life to your space!

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