Bill Mack sculpture "Tenderness" bonded bronze now available at Sculpture Collector

bonded bronze Tenderness by Bill Mack available now at Sculpture Collector

(now available)
Edition ... AP 6/10
bonded bronze
Size . . 29 1/2"H x 22 1/4"W
by Bill Mack

A Great Emotional Piece, Excellent Condition, Single Owner, don't hesitate!

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bonded bronze Tenderness by Bill Mack available now at Sculpture Collector

About Bill Mack

Bill Mack is the world's pre-eminent relief sculptor. The relief format - in Mack's case, "alto relief" - originated in ancient temple friezes and marble sepulchers.

A master artist for more than 30 years, Bill Mack has created relief and in-the-round sculpture for collections and galleries worldwide in Japan, Europe, South America and the United States. Unquestionably the finest living relief sculptor, Mack has revived the long-lost alto-relief methods used centuries ago in classical art and architecture.

His relief sculpture requires the synthesis of shortened dimensions to create accurate shadowing. The artist's exceptional ability and visual acuity combine to manage the distortions when creating relief sculpture. By combining high & low relief incised surfaces, and elements in full round, the view becomes involved, the art emerging into the world of the viewer.

Bill Mack achieves this dramatic imagery by utilizing a variety of unusual materials. His extensive experience with porcelains, acrylics, resins, silicons, and epoxies work to provide the perfect combination of crafted skill and artistic vision. Art experts have commented, "Mack's art elicits an immediate emotional response. The viewer becomes more than an observer; he becomes a participant in the drama unfolding before his eyes." Bill Mack, with admirers and collectors worldwide, is creating the artistic standard for viewing and judging contemporary relief sculpture.

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