African Carved Wood Sculpture "Afor Horse Rider" available now from Sculpture Collector

African Carved Wood Sculpture Afor Horse Rider

"Afor Horse Rider"

Hand-carved original in wood
Size (approx.). . .30.5cm x 40.8cm
by African Tribal Artists

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AFOR is a Tribe in Plateau State, Nigeria.
Afor horse rider is a male and female with their child hanging behind the mother while riding a horse. The people of Afor worship and appease the Afor god,( which is a female god} for the preservation of fertility in their wives. But their believe is that, with the proper appeasing done to the Afor god riding the horse, that the Afor god riding the horse chases every spirit of barrenness far away from their land, thereby enabling their women to give birth to strong and healthy children.

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